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Janssen Cosmetics - Spirulina Green Mask (10x30g) View larger
Janssen Cosmetics - Spirulina Green Mask (10x30g)
  • Janssen Cosmetics - Spirulina Green Mask (10x30g)

Janssen Cosmetics

Janssen Cosmetics Spirulina Green Mask (10x30g)

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Mask Spirulina Green Mask from Janssen Cosmetics is a multifunctional alginate mask. It is enriched with active components of water infusion on microalga spirulina - one of the oldest living organisms, which are the absolute leader in the vegetable world for the content of proteins. In addition to possessing all essential amino acids, its protein composition reaches 65%, which gives a tremendous charge of energy and improves metabolism. Selenium helps reduce the toxicity of many chemical contaminants, leading to unwanted skin reactions.

After just one application, the mask provides a noticeable increase in the smoothness and elasticity of the skin. Green modeling mask with spirulina Spirulina Green Mask from Janssen Cosmetics increases the level of skin hydration, simulates the contours of the face, relaxes, removes toxins. Green Mask stimulates metabolic processes due to its occlusive properties. The exchange products and the fluid accumulated by the tissues are quickly removed. Additionally used active concentrates (for example, ampoules) penetrate deeper layers of the skin and more fully reveal their properties. The skin condition improves instantly.

How to Use:

1st step: Protect the customer's hairline (e.g. with paper tissues).
2nd step: Apply an active substance concentrate corresponding to the skin type onto the areas of skin to be treated and press in gently. Allow to work in for a few minutes.
3rd step: Mix the peel off mask. Quickly mix 30 g powder with approx. 90 ml Ocean Mineral Activator (room tempera-ture) to form a smooth paste.
4th step: Evenly apply the thick mask mixture onto the face and neck or the corresponding areas of the body in upwards strokes using a spatula. Leave out the eyes and mouth (or include them after consulting the customer). Of course, the respiratory tracts always remain free. Allow the mask to work in for 15 - 20 minutes.
5th step: Simply peel the mask off and remove residues with moist mask sponges if necessary.
6th step: Then apply the appropriate care cream.

 Note: when the mask hardens, powders residues may occur on the skin in areas in which the mask runs out. To avoid this, simply apply a little care cream along the edges of the mask at the transition to the neck, the hairline and the nostrils.


  • Alginates - give the powder mask an elastic consistency after mixing with the liquid and drying, moisturize, strengthen the skin and provide a lifting effect.
  • Spirulina 2% (Spirulina maxima) - microalga nourishes the skin with natural proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, fatty acids, lipids, minerals and microelements. Unlike most marine algae spirulina almost does not contain iodine.

Founded in 1997, Janssen Cosmetics is seen as the pioneer in linking pharmacy and cosmetics, creating the cosmeceutical market. They have become a global brand and their products are being used in 80 countries across all continents. Janssen Cosmetics is extremely proud of the outstanding tolerability and effectiveness of their products, which are developed in close cooperation with the Dr. Sacher Kosmetik laboratory. The entire Biocosmetics range, created to meet the increasing desire consumers have for gentle and well tolerated natural cosmetics, is Vegan Trademarked.


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