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Janssen Cosmetics - Thermo Face Mask (4x440g)
  • Janssen Cosmetics - Thermo Face Mask (4x440g)

Janssen Cosmetics

Janssen Cosmetics Thermo Face Mask (4x440g)

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Thermo Face Mask is presented in the form of powder, which is mixed with water to form a paste just before use. The mask is multifunctional: the accurately calmed warming effect (evenly rising, the mask temperature reaches about 42 ° C, lasts about 15 minutes, and then gradually and uniformly decreases) allows the mask that solidifies during heating to function simultaneously as a catalyst and an occlusive wrap.On the one hand, the artificial "increase in temperature" to 42 ° C promotes the expansion of blood vessels and the improvement of penetration of active components into the skin. On the other hand, the cooled and hardened mask ideally delivers nutrients due to the tightening of the vessels. This process is combined with a pronounced lifting effect. The changes are noticeable after the first application of the mask: clean, moisturized, supple skin and tightened facial contours!

How to Use:

1st step: Protect the client's hair growth line (for example, using a paper strip).
2nd step: Apply an active concentrate that matches the skin's needs. Leave it for a few minutes.
3rd step: Apply the emulsion "water in oil" to the entire face, preferably Relaxing Massage Cream. Put damp cotton pads on your eyes to protect your eyebrows and eyelashes..
4th step: Close your face with a gauze pad. Mix the contents of the sachet (440 g of powder) with 300 ml of warm water (20-25 ° C) until a homogeneous paste is formed.
5th step: Blend the mixture on the face, neck (gently with a pressure on the thyroid gland) and the décolletage area with a spatula, avoiding the areas around the eyes and mouth (or turn them on, consulting the client). Leave the mask on for 15-20 minutes.
6th step: Ask the client to smile, as the mimicry of the face makes it easier to remove the mask. Remove the mask in one piece. Remove the residue with a cleansing tonic.
7th step: Apply the cream by skin type. Thermo Face Mask is also suitable for the care of hands.

Note: Never pour the remnants of the Thermo Face Mask into the sink. Allow them to dry and dispose of with debris.


  • Kaolin (white natural clay): promotes cleansing, whitening and intensive skin rejuvenation.
  • Alginates (seaweed): actively moisturizing and nourishing the skin with a complex of valuable minerals. They contribute to the regulation of the hydrobalance and activate the metabolism, and glucose keeps the necessary level of moisture.
  • Zinc oxide: has a high absorption capacity.
  • Calcium sulphate: is a stabilizer.

Founded in 1997, Janssen Cosmetics is seen as the pioneer in linking pharmacy and cosmetics, creating the cosmeceutical market. They have become a global brand and their products are being used in 80 countries across all continents. Janssen Cosmetics is extremely proud of the outstanding tolerability and effectiveness of their products, which are developed in close cooperation with the Dr. Sacher Kosmetik laboratory. The entire Biocosmetics range, created to meet the increasing desire consumers have for gentle and well tolerated natural cosmetics, is Vegan Trademarked.


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